Happiness is like a
The more you chase
it, the more it will
elude you.  
But if you turn your
attention to other
things, it comes and
softly sits on your
-- Author unknown
What is a friend?
A single soul
shared by two
My 3 yr old daughter took this of me April 21, 2007
measured by how
many breaths we
take, but by the
moments that
take our breath
A Harvest Moon, full and aglow.
To radiate its mystic energies of  golden lights to
those who exist outside of the natural world . . .
of the natural forces.
To honor the dead . . .
Among the stars the Spirits will sing . . .  
the Spirits will dance . . . the Spirits will chant.
And echoes will whisper through the night
of a Restless Spirit on an endless flight.
Witchy Woman come dance with me. . .   

Written for Hollie by Tommy D.
The first rays of sunlight had already started their raise to glory
as young Michael began his walk home . The not believe dawn was
only moments away . After the events of that evening , he had
wished the night had never ended . It had start common enough .
An evening with old allies drinking , trading stories of war and the
hunt , quickly turn to something completely different once she
meet them . Princess Hollie who had lived with the Queen and a
younger sister would often sneak out of the palace to adventure
with the young warriors of the realm . Princess Hollie and her lady
in waiting Valerie Of The Paths would accompany different young
squires traveling the landscape and attending social functions .
Michael , a Knight of modest origins was both proud and very
brave but it was his skills in war and the hunt that often found
him in the company of his elders . Many times the missions were
dangerous and the outcome often in doubt until the last moments
, but success after success had earned him many accolade's and
awards . On the nights the princess was in his presence the
adventures were never dangerous and keep close to home
ensuring her safety . This night had been different , after a
short trip to obtain drink and then another to secure monetary
interests . The young warriors meet the Princess and her Lady
for a night of controlled mayhem . His thoughts of the beautiful
Princess had always been those of romance ( her beauty had long
captured him ) But because of age and humble upbringing , those
thoughts had always been kept to himself and his most trusted
friends . After an evening of drinks and games of chance at the
Vision Of The New (a local meeting place for travelers and locals
both ) The Princess had kissed the young knight and whispered to
him her love for him . His heart had raced and his speech
stumbled with nerves as he tried to remain composed .
Written by Michael - August 2008
To walk alone is
to stand alone,
One wolf walks
alone into the
night, For the
lone wolf stands
with pride, For all
she has achieved
in her life,
Because no one
stands in her way
or by her side.
"Author Unknown"
This is so me.
Once again, since 46 yrs ago, on the eve of All Saint's
A Harvest Moon, a full and aglow,  
To radiate its mystic energies of golden lights to
those who exist outside of the natural world.
Of the natural forces.
To honor the dead . . .
Among the stars the Spirits will sing . . .  
The Spirits will dance . . .
And the Spirits will chant. . .
And echoes will whispers through the night,
of a Restless Spirit on an endless flight,
Witchy Woman come dance with me. . .  


With Every Breath of Magic

With every breath of magic
I breathe you into my mind
With every breath of magic
This fairy tale I now find.
In you, I see, what I never thought would be
A truth, a wish, a happiness unforeseen.

With every breath of magic
I find you there
With every breath of magic
I cherish the time we share.
In me, you will see, all that I've been sent for
A dream, an angel, someone you wished for.

With every breath of magic
You'll see that I am real
With every breath of magic
You've brought my heart back to heal.

In your dreams I will appear
You will always find me there
Be you awake or asleep
Not far from you I'll be.
For In your mind and in your heart,
Our two souls are meant to start
A new fairy tale, a new dream
Showing each, life can have love's magic.

An angel came into your life
This angel's love bares truth
For with you, my love's never ending magic
It's all meant just for you.


If you stood in front of me
and stared into my eyes,
You would see someone that feels for youYou would see
someone that feels for you
more than you realize.

If you stood in front of me
and asked for me to be yours,
You would realize I already am
without even a word.

If you stood in front of me
and all you've wished had come true,
You would realize in all of time
I was truly meant for you.

If you stood in front of me
and held up 11 roses,
I would see in front of me
12 beautiful dreams to hold on to.


I Whisper

As I lay my head to rest
Yes I pray that you will hold me near
Even though I'm so far away.
I whisper your name into the open sky
Hearing the angels one by one join softly in chorus,
As the darkness of night draws to a close
I awake to see the dawn of a new sunlit sky
Forever shinning down on us again.

The Color of You...

I saw you there
cascading white snow
In a black leather jacket
you were the one, I know

She's a green eyed girl
with long blonde hair
Painted pink nails
it felt right to stare

With frozen breathe
you said hi to me
Feeling pink inside
we were meant to be

He had dark brown hair
dark brown eyes
In faded blue jeans
we couldn't say good byes

2 hearts on fire
fires so red
2 hearts became one
some day we'd be wed

Riding home on the train
I was feeling so blue
Don't worry he said
someone loves you

The color of you
The color of me
2 colors came together
Together it makes we

It creates and it grows
this is were it lead
The color of love
The color of red

The story of how Bryan and I
met in Chicago in 1985

We traveled 2000 miles
to the land of sin
To make a new life
As man and wife

When life does not happen
the way you had dreamed
A separation of souls
Would ruin our goals

For many years we
were the best of friends
Standing the test of time
Not knowing our crime

Crimes of the heart
we were guilty of
Crimes of passion
what we had was love

Being back together
we hoped for again
Being back together
would never happen

For Bryan, my friend,
husband and would have been
future daddy to my little
Bryan - Thanksgiving 2005
My husband and friend for 21 years. He passed away March 2006
Duffin, Bryan Robert age 36, beloved son of Robert S. Duffin and
Janet Clark, loving brother of Randy, cherished uncle of Audie, dear
nephew and cousin and a friend to all. Funeral service Wednesday,
March 15th, 9 a.m. at Mt. Auburn Funeral Home, 4101 S. Oak Park
Interment Mt. Auburn Cemetery.
Published in the Chicago Sun-Times on 3/12/2006.  
Friday, March 10, 2006
Written by my sister Dawn.

Here's the story....21 years ago my sister met this guy...Bryan..her
first love...which became my brother....they had gotten married 5 yrs
to the day that they met.  After that, they moved to Las
Vegas...unfortunately, not too long after they moved there, they
didn't get along anymore, and Bryan moved back to Illinois, and they
got divorced.  But nothing was ever really bitter between them, and
they always kept in touch, and I always talked to him also.  This had
gone on for 14 yrs....My sister remarried once, and divorced...and
The plan was for my sister to pack all her stuff up..(which she did)
and he was going to fly out to Vegas on March 10th at 830am...they
were going go get the marriage license that day and get married on
Saturday, March 11th 2006.  Then spend a few days out there and
then my sister was going to fly (with her daughter) back to Illinois on
Wednesday, March 15th...(her daughters b-day) and Bryan was going
to drive the moving truck back to Illinois on Tuesday...the day before
my sister left for Illinois.  I couldn't wait for her to get here!  I was
so happy that my sister was moving back to Illinois...that's all I
thought about.

Then....yesterday....March 9th...around 630pm my phone rings....I
answer it....the man on the other end says to me...."is dawn there?"  I
said "this is"... he says to me..."you don't know me but have you talked
to your sister today?"...I say.."who is this?".... he says "Ron....Bryans
father and I have been trying to get a hold of her all day.....Bryan was
found dead this morning about 6am...(his father lived in the same
building across the hall always went over there in the morning...he
found him)  On march 8th, Bryan messaged my sister all day saying
that he loved her, couldn't wait to see her, they were getting
married in 3 days, he was going see her in 2 days...he was so happy.  
that same evening...she called him at 932pm...he said he didn't feel
good, he was in the bathroom, he would call her right back in 5
mins............he never did.......he was found in the bathroom passed away
about 9 hours later.

WHY?  WHY?  WHY?   Why does this happen?  this wasn't the
"plan"....everything my sister dreamed about was shattered  all
lost.....all gone.....forever......Bryan was her first love....and my brother....
I like it when you sleep with me
Your hand clasping mine.
Then gently you loom over me,
Bend your head to meet my lips.
Or, when you think I'm asleep,
Your fingers trace my lips, my cheeks,
Down my face...
With a sigh, you carefully turn me...
So we lay like spoons,
Your body pressed against mine,
Tenderly you wrap me in your arms
With your lips in my hair
You whisper, "I love you."
I like it when you sleep with me.
I can pillow your head on my chest.
I can touch your skin, and trace
Your eyebrows, or your nose.
Sometimes, if I just lay there
With my arms around you,
You'll go to sleep,
Lulled by the sound of my heartbeat.
I like it when you sleep with me...
Even when it means waking up
Not sure which body part is mine.
Funny, how in sleep we struggle to get closer.
So we awaken, tangled by the quilts into one creature...
I like it when you sleep with me!
Author Unknown

Something I found one day and just loved it.