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Happiness is like a butterfly.  The more you chase it, the more it
will elude you.  But if you turn your attention to other things, it
comes and softly sits on your shoulder. -- Author unknown
This page was made by inspiration from my friends and family.
Thank you to all of those who are a part of my life.
In these pages you will find out who I am, where I've been,
what I want to accomplish, what's happening right now and
some general information I wanted to share.
There are some writings here I've created over the years
along with some pictures I've been able to find.
Thank you and enjoy.
What is a friend? A single soul shared by two people.
What animal-spirit lives inside of you?
created by Kuschelmaus

Inside of you, the spirit of the wolf is sleeping.The wolf is a
lonesome traveler in the lonely prairies, the deep woods and the
never-ending deserts of ice and snow of the Rocky Mountains,
Alaska,the North pole and so on...The wolf is fine with being on
his own and managing his days.So are you.But be aware of, that
wolves also live in groups often , to support each other and to
defend against their enemies with greater success.
July and September 1999
My 3 yr old daughter took this of me April 21, 2007
Armadillo Lounge to see LoveShack
To my Vision Board
Life is not measured by how many
breaths we take, but by the moments
that take our breath away.