Sara's 3rd
Birthday Party
Sunday, March 18th

Sara's 3rd
Birthday Party

March 18th
2:00 PM

Las Vegas, NV

Sky Court
Sara's "Ice Party"

Sara choose the Happy Feet
theme for her 3rd Birthday

A "penguin pond" birthday
cake that mommy will make

Ice blue jello

Blue penguin juice

Build your own snow cones

Penguin games for her friends
Happy 3rd Birthday
Thank you to everyone who came and pitched in to
help mommy create Sara's 3rd "Happy Feet" party!
Special thank you to Grandma for all her help!!!
See pictures below...
After a bath and just before her party - double smiles!
Sara and her penguin cake that mommy made.
Sara picked out this one - the "death by chocolate cake", her favorite!
All Sara's "Happy Feet" friends and family.
Samantha, Aspen, Daniel and Taylor
Two of mommy's best friends, Belinda and Opal
Alex and Claudia - 2 happy feet
Tired birthday girl with mommy and Grandma
Other guests who attended and need special mention...
Christie, Brit, Donna, and Rick

Thank you to everyone who made her 3rd birthday a blast!
Thank you for being
a part of Sara's
Happy Feet Party
and celebrating her
3rd Birthday!