Sara picked her theme for her 4th Birthday Party.
She wants a "Dora Party" with cherry cake,
orange balloons and airplanes
* What:
4th Birthday Party!
* When:
March 22, 2008
at 12:30 pm
* Where:
Mommy's House
Sara is 4 years old
* Sara's 4th Birthday *
Colorful Images

      Lunch was served at 12:30
Taco Bar - help yourself to crunchy taco's,        
 soft taco's and spanish rice.
        Nacho platter, chips and salsa.
     Cake by Donna and Games to follow.

Treasure Hunt using your map
Find Dora's Friends
  "Catching Star's"
Pin the tail on the Donkey

Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate Sara's 4th Birthday!
Donna and Eric
Spring, Christie and her daughter Samantha
Aspen and Taylor (Sara's sisters)
Joe and Deanna
Steve, Beth and the boys Hunter and Chase