Sara's Trips
Places Sara has been:
Bell Island
San Diego
Bonnie Springs
Bell Island, Washington
July 4th weekend
Visiting with Grandpa, Nonna,
Uncle Ben and Uncle Andy.
Fiji trip at Christmas
time with my family.
9 months old
Disneyland, California
Christmas time
50th Golden Anniversary
Went with Mommy, Grandma,
Christie, Samantha, Melinda
and her son.
San Diego, California
Hotel Del Coranado
Legoland Trip
December 2006
Knights Realm Jousting
Horse - rode twice!
Legoland Trip - Carlsbad, CA
December 2006
Lego pond
Went with Christie and
Legoland Smiles
December 2006
Bonnie Springs - Old Nevada
February 18, 2007
Sara and Mommy in Chicago
November 2007
White Fence Farm
Playing in the silly mirrors
Chicago - November 2007
Disneyland Trip - January 2008
Walt Disney and Mickey Statue
Sara's favorite ride - the Tea Cups - we went on it twice!
Sara went on Space Mountain
and loved it.

She also went on the
Hollywood Terror Hotel
Sara gave Mickey a big hug. She was looking for Mickey and was happy to find him.
Out of all the ears to choose from, she picked the purple Tinkerbell ears!
Rides at Disneyland we went on
Rides at CA Adventure we went on
Disneyland Railroad
Hollywood Tower of Terror
Haunted Mansion
Its Tough to be a Bug
Pirates of the Caribbean
Heimlichs Chew Chew Train
Big Thunder Railroad
Drive Em Buggies
Winnie the Pooh Adventures
Sun Wheel
Gadgets Go Coaster
Golden Zephyr
Roger Rabbits Cartoon Spin
King Tritons Carousel
Its a Small World
King Arthurs Carousel
Tea Cups
Snow Whites Scary Adventures
Space Mountain
We also saw the Disneyland Electric Parade and Fantasmic!!
Sara flew alone to come
see Mommie   2009
Newport Beach California  May 2010
Disneyland California  May 2010
Lahaina Maui Hawaii April 2012