Laverne & Shirley
TV Show Characters. Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams
Original outfits and shoes.
Darci - Cover Girl
Unknown Dress
Wonder Woman
Mego Doll.
Sea Wee's - 1979
Coral $20
Comb $5
Sea Wee's - 1979
Coral $20
Baby Corkie $20
Sea Wee's - Icy Gals 1983
Frosty $20
Baby Flo $20
Sea Wee's - Icy Gals 1983
Breezy $20
Baby Rory $20
Walrus Whiskers $20
Sea Wee's - 1979
Sandy $25
Comb $5
Sea Wee's - 1979
Shelly $35
Comb $5
Charlies Angels - Sabrina
Charlies Angels - Kelly
Charlies Angels - Kris
Charlies Angels - Jill Head
Tinkerbell - Disney Store
Sabrina the Teenage Witch Doll
I Dream of Jeannie
Treasure Chest
Velvet Vest
Sheer Pink Pants
Darci Cover Girl 1978
Original Outfit Body Suit
Tie Skirt
Missing part of her leg.
Original Dress
Clean face, good for a replacement piece doll.
Brooke Shields Doll 1982
Doll $20
Sweater Top
White Pants
Blue Boots
Dorothy Hamill Doll 1977
Doll $25
Red Body Suit
Ice Skates
Gold Medal
Stand (without the leg piece)
Glamour Gals 1981
Vanessa $5
Loni $5
I Dream of Jeannie Episode 1 Bonus Box 1996
Doll and Locket for you.
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