Doll Clothes
Wonder Woman - Diana Prince 1976
1st Issue 12' Mego
Doll Jacket. $10
Yeoman Navy Dress. $10
One Red Boot. $2
Blue with White Stars Bottom. $3
Bionic Woman - Jamie Sommers 1976
Doll Long Sleeve Top. $5
Shoes. $5
Floral Skirt 1978 $3
Waist elastic is dry and stretched out.
Candi 1978
Reference Photo
Fashion Candi's Friend - Tangerine
Reference Photo
Fashion Candi's Friend
Tangerine Dress $5
Fashion Candi Doll in Box
Reference Photo
Fashion Candi
Make-Up Heart Box with small brush $5
Comb $1
Purple Top $2
Yellow Pants $2
Yellow and Red Trim Jacket $4
Cher 1976 Growing Hair Cher
Key $10
Cher 1976 Growing Hair Cher
Bob Mackie Dress with the Key $40
Cher 1976
Original Salmon Bob Mackie Dress $18
One Shoe $2
Cher 1976 - Jumperoo
Scarf $5
Shoes $5
Cher 1976 Radiant
Dress $18
Shoe $2
Cher 1976
Dressing Room Hanger $5
Darci Fashion Finds
Garden Gal
Reference Photo
Darci Fashion Finds
Garden Gal $20
White Top
Green Shorts
Darci - Fashion
Garden Party
Reference Photo
Darci - Fashion
Garden Party
Floral Dress $5
Peach Skirt $5
Yellow Floral Shoes $5
Bracelet $2
Magazine Cover $2
Darci - Fashion
Plum Perfect
Reference Photo
Darci - Fashion
Plum Perfect
Dress $12
Belt *Rare* $16
Bracelet $5
Sweet April Doll 1971
Showing the top on her. Reference Photo
Sweet April 1971
Doll Top $5
Wonder Woman 1978 Fly Away
Robe *Rare* $28
Wonder Woman 1970s
One Piece Bodysuit $20
Golden Lasso $6
Tammy 1963 - Ideal 12" Doll
One Piece Romper Blue and White $10
Charlies Angels
White Feather Dress $10
Tuesday Taylor
Doll in Bikini
Reference Photo
Tuesday Taylor
Bikini Top
Bikini Bottom
Tuesday Taylor Clothing
Quilt Skirt in Package, Reference Photo
Tuesday Taylor
Quilt Skirt $3 (Waist elastic is dry and stretched)
Andy Gibb - 1979 Disco Dancing
Jumpsuit $5
Cinnamon Doll 1972 *Rare*
Crissy Family by IDEAL Little Sister to Velvet
Orange Polka Dot Top $10
Jordache Doll 1981
Photo Reference
Jordache Doll 1981
Doll Top $10
Blue and Pink Flowers
Swim Suit One Piece
Swim Suit Pink One Piece
Swim Suit Green One Piece
White Velvet with Pink Satin
Goucho Pants
Nevada Print
Capri Pant
Blue with Red Trim
Long Pink Dress with Tulle
Pink Satin Tulle Ballerina One Piece
Tutu Skirt
Pink and White
Tutu Skirt
Pink and White Lace
Tutu Skirt
White Lace
One Piece Jumper
One Piece Summer Jumper
White with Pink Roses
Mini doll Green with Yellow Flowers
Yellow Terry Cloth
White top with Blue Roses
Snaps in the back
Velveteen Jacket
Red Bell Bottom Pants
White Bell Bottom Pants
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